Empowering the Public to Stop Invasive Species

"By Boaters, for Boaters" is more than our tag line. At CD3, General Benefit Corporation, we understand what it’s like to be tired at the end of a long day of boating. We all just want to go home. This is why we’ve worked hard to make CD3 Waterless Cleaning Systems as quick, easy, and intuitive as possible to help boaters prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. It is our quest to maintain open access for all waterbodies while keeping them free of AIS. CD3 Waterless Cleaning Systems are beautifully designed and inspire boaters to want to use them, not to feel required. We’ve provided everything, so you don’t have to, because:



MISSION: To develop technologies that empower people to reduce the spread of invasive species and safeguard local economies and the natural environment.

VISION: Lead innovation of technologies that employ best in class behavioral and scientific solutions to prevent the spread of invasive species.


Edgar Rudberg, Ph.D., Partner

As the third generation of his family in the boating industry, Dr. Rudberg has a passion for outdoor recreation and conservation. His Ph.D. in Natural Resources Science and Management blended communication and psychological theory to catalyze individuals' adoption of conservation behaviors on lakes. As an entrepreneur of over a decade, he has developed numerous conservation focused products which grew to national distribution. He is formally trained in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, project management, and various behavioral metrics. He is an avid angler, bow fisherman, hunter and boater.

Email: ed"at"cd3station.com                    

Mark Apfelbacher, MLA, LEED AP, Partner                

As a product developer, environmental scientist and professionally trained landscape architect, Mark has worked for 15 years at the intersection of business innovation and environmental initiatives. He has created products, companies and programs that increase effectiveness, enhance brands and improve the quality of lives. He leverages this knowledge to create develop responsible products, program marketing strategies and execution of environmental conservation programs. He is an avid waterfowl hunter, angler, bow fisherman and boater.

Email: mark"at"cd3station.com


CD3 Station Production Line | Made In The USA| Stop Aquatic Invaders


CD3 General Benefit Corporation is proud to produce our equipment in Princeton, Minnesota, USA. We are a lean manufacturer, producing our patent pending equipment in systematic demand cycles to minimize waste, reduce procurement logistics and maximize product quality.

Over 80% of our components are sourced from Minnesota and nearby states, and we always work with local contractors. Our commitment to the environment doesn't stop with water resources. We've prioritized use of recycled, energy efficient, and renewable materials where possible. The result is two fold: 1) a high quality product made without compromising our core values and our commitment to sustainability 2) an extremely durable, ruggedized product ready to face the natural elements and high use.

We are also proud to announce that CD3 won their division (water, energy, and sustainability) in the 2018 MN cup, the largest statewide startup competition in the US.