CD3 Waterless Cleaning Systems

Empowering the public to Clean-Drain-Dry-Dispose (CD3)

1. Educational Kiosk: CD3 Systems are installed or parked at public accesses. CD3’s acts as a kiosk with digital instructions. Check in/out options are also available.

2. Everybody Likes a Clean Boat: Wet-dry vacuum, air blower and numerous hand tool options empower the public to action.

3. CD3 Model Options: CD3 systems are designed to meet your site and species specific needs.

4. Internet Connected: Internet connected, CD3 Systems provide use data and maintenance alerts.


Our suite of waterless tools are key for boaters to quickly clean their watercraft and trailers of debris and weeds. The station includes: wet/dry vacuum, blower and easy to use tethered cleaning tools. Equipped with lights illuminating the trailer and within the watercraft, users can operate under any condition.


Please take a look at our overview video HERE


Beyond pulling the plug and lowering the engine, we instruct users to drain every water compartment on their boat. The vacuum is a powerful wet/dry vacuum with a 30 foot hose. It allows for easy draining and cleaning of the hard-to-reach puddles in live wells and engine compartments. The vacuum tank ensures all waste is properly disposed of. 

Please take a look at our overview video HERE


CD3 Systems can come equipped with a powerful air blower for drying watercraft compartments. It’s strong enough to effectively blow out wet areas like the propeller, while still meeting safety standards. It's specially designed tip allows safe drying and cleaning, even at very close range. The dryer can also be used to dry and clean fishing gear or any other smaller wet items. 


Any weeds or debris on the boat or trailer can easily be vacuumed up for disposal, clean and worry-free! Additionally, we recommend using composting or garbage containers as part of your site design.

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CD3 stations aren’t just a simple tool. We quantify use, guide maintenance and assess value through an internet connected, cutting-edge suite of sensors and data logging technologies. Data is updated in real time and can be viewed remotely through a secure owner portal. Thus turning a simple boat launch into a “smart boat launch."


Founded in behavior change psychology, our online instructional resources walk users through boat specific instructions. We can also customize our instructional resources for your state or region's specific needs. The exterior graphics are completely customizable to meet your design or outreach needs. For additional consultation on your campaigns for stopping AIS, we can help too.


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CD3 Station Instructions | User Operated Watercraft Cleaning Stations to Prevent Invasive Species