Minnesota Case Study

Five Waterless Cleaning Stations 2017 Pilot Outcomes


Executive Summary

Clean-Drain-Dry-Dispose (CD3) Waterless Cleaning Stations provide free tools empowering day-boaters to take action to prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). The stations are a waterless, free, user operated cleaning equipment including wet/dry vacuum, blower, and tethered hand tools. Internet connected, the stations log use, maintenance, and functionality.

Successfully piloted in Minnesota at five locations, CD3 Station software logged over 6,500 volunteer AIS prevention actions taken by boaters (approximately 2,200 watercraft). Accessible 24/7, CD3 Stations have been proven to extend AIS budgets.

CD3 Station Sites: five locations spanning urban to rural geography & watercraft users:  

  1. Lake Minnnetonka, Spring Lake Bay Hennepin County

  2. Lake Minnnetonka, North Arm Bay Hennepin County

  3. Bryant Lake, Three Rivers Park District  

  4. Pike Lake, Canosia Township

  5. Lake Riley, City of Eden Prairie

Launch Managers: Municipalities, township, park district & county,

Targeted AIS:  zebra mussels, eurasian water milfoil, starry stonewort & spiny waterflea

Over 6,600 Total Uses in 310 Combined Field Days

Key Outcomes

  1. Highly visible AIS engagement and awareness tool for visitors

  2. 24/7 accessible equipment provides $50,000+ value, if paid $12/hr/year

  3. 7+ year asset at low operational cost of septic & electrical ~ $250/season

  4. Use metrics and maintenance alerts via MyCD3Station.com software

  5. Technology options for boaters to CD3 “check in” and “check out” at a launch


“I really like the brush and squeegee to clean my bunks and side of boat.”  -Todd H., Lake Riley angler 

“I was really impressed with the use by boaters, it has exceeded my expectations.”  -Tony Brough, Hennepin County AIS Manager

“We were are very happy with the use by boaters at the launch and functionality of CD3 equipment.” -Brian Vlach, Three Rivers Park District, Senior Water Resource Manager

"The future is this type of equipment, it really has gotten used by boaters." -Kevin Comnick, President Canosia Township

“Education & awareness can go only so far, CD3 provides the resources for boaters to take action.”  - Pat Cozemius, Conservation Director Wildlife Forever

“CD3 provides an opportunity to empower boaters to act to help stop aquatic hitchhikers - clean, drain and dry.” -Doug Jensen, AIS Program Coordinator, University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program

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 Funding provided from the Outdoor Heritage Fund

Funding provided from the Outdoor Heritage Fund