CD3 Intro Video Released!

We're pleased to share our latest piece of media with all our blog readers-- the CD3 Station intro video! If you have any questions about our stations and how they work, what they look like, and why they're important, start by watching this video.

Huge thanks to Mark Norquist & GreenHead Strategies for producing the video. If your friends ask you about our stations or AIS prevention, just show them this!

CD3 Station Installed on Pike Lake

Check out this segment on the Pike Lake station by WDIO:

We're really pleased with the great press CD3 has been getting in the Duluth media after the successful installation of our second pilot station!

The second CD3 station is located on Pike Lake in Canosia township, helping keep our beautiful northern waters clean of AIS.

Thanks to KDAL, WDIO, and KBJR6 for the awesome coverage. To read the articles, click the links below.